Returns are inevitable. Whether a product didn’t live up to expectations, something was faulty, or you just don’t have use for the item, we all have had to make a return. 

While Costco is home to magnificent finds at great prices, it’s important to understand how to return anything to this wholesale store. Here is everything you need to know about Costco’s return policy. 

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What Is Costco’s Return Policy?

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Costco accommodates customers in all shopping stages, from pursuing to returning items. Costco’s return policy sees that you’ll be refunded for the purchase price on products with a few exceptions. 

Exceptions to the Return Policy

The following exceptions to their rule include:

  • Electronics will be accepted within 90 days of purchase for televisions, major appliances, computers, cameras, phones, and more.
  • Eyeglasses come with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with them, you can replace them or ask for a refund.
  • Diamonds that are 1.00 carat or larger can be returned with all original paperwork to get a Jewelry Credit Memo. Costco’s Gemologist will also inspect the diamond for authenticity. A refund will be issued upon successful authenticity verification; otherwise the item will be returned.
  • Cigarettes and alcohol are not accepted for returns where prohibited by law.
  • Tires and batteries, or items with limited useful life expectancy, may be sold with a product-specific limited warranty which might differ from the return policy.
  • Special Order Kiosk and Custom Installed Programs, or products manufactured for the specific customer, cannot be returned or refunded (except for warranty repair and replacement due to failure to meet specifications).
  • Airline and Live Performance Events are non-refundable.
  • Gold Bullion, Gold Bars, and Silver Coins are non-refundable.
  • Shop Cards are non-refundable.

Can You Get a Membership Refund?

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If you’re not happy with your membership and want to cancel, Costco allows you to get a refund in full of your membership so you’re not stuck in a commitment. Either talk to someone at the warehouse or call the service center here

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Is There a Time Limit?

Most items can be returned at any time regardless of how much time has passed. There are a few exceptions, however, as electronics, diamonds, batteries, and other items are limited to 90 days to refund. 

Refunding an Online Purchase

If you’ve made a purchase online, the process is just as simple. You can either bring the product to your local warehouse or start a return online where you ship back the item. 

Do You Need the Receipt or Original Packaging?

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What is Costco’s return policy without a receipt? While other retailers require you to have the receipt when you return something, Costco doesn’t enforce this. You do not need the receipt or the original packaging that the item came in. You can return a product that has been opened or even partially used. 

An employee can simply look up your membership in their system and check out your purchase history instead of having a receipt, however, having one does help make the process faster. 

Does Costco Offer Price Adjustments? 

We all hate when we purchase an item and then it goes on sale the next weekend. Costco does a great job at offering price adjustments for this situation. To qualify for an adjustment, you must have purchased the item within 30 days of it going on sale.

Costco does not offer price matching with other retailers or online stores, only their warehouses. Additionally, price adjustments are determined by the Costco warehouse location where you originally purchased the item. As a result, you can only claim a price adjustment if you return to that same store and see lower prices. Otherwise, each Costco is different and offers sales at its discretion. 

How to Return an Item

If you’re ready to return an eligible item, you have two options. You can bring the item to a physical warehouse at their customer service desk to start your return. Or you can go online at to initiate a return, and they will walk you through the process. 

If you wish to return a specific product such as an electronic, appliance, jewelry, or one of the exception items, check your receipt for the specific guidelines or time frames, or their website here for specific information

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Costco is all about helping you save, even if that means returning items for full refunds. If you want to stay in the know on recent deals or discounts, keep checking back here at Costco97 for the latest information. We also specialize in showing off secret, price-tag deals, or .97 deals, that are not advertised.

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