Ready to help your garden flourish this season? It’s time to find some of the top Costco gardening products to prepare for the upcoming blossoms. Whether you need better pruners and gloves or want a high-tech self-watering system, Costco has everything you need. 

From beginner to pro, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at amazing low costs. These are a few of the best gardening products that customers like you rave about.

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10. Rapid Flo Compact Garden Hose

Rapid Flo Hose, Costco

Water your plants efficiently this year by picking up Costco’s Rapid Flo compact garden hose. It’s a heavy-duty hose that’s easy to handle at half the weight of most vinyl hoses and helps make watering an easier chore. 

This durable hose doesn’t kink when used because it’s incredibly flexible. You can connect to various accessories like sprinklers, sprayers, and nozzles. Thanks to its abrasion-resistant jacket and 5-year warranty, this hose will last for years. Out of the many top Costco gardening products, this is praised by over 7,000 customers. 

9. Fiskars Hand Pruner Set

Pruner Set, Costco

Fiskars’ durable pruner set is exactly what you need this year to take care of pesky branches and bushes getting in your way. They’re light, yet durable, for those tough jobs, and are made entirely of PVC-Free materials. 

The low-friction coating helps the pruners glide through the wood for easy cuts. And thanks to their coated blades, you don’t have to worry about the blades gumming up from sap and debris, leaving them rust-free. The set comes with two pruners: one that is 15 inches long and a P121 Pruner which is perfect for stems and smaller plants. 

8. Gardena Garden Gloves 10-Pack

Garden Gloves, Costco97

One of the top Costco gardening products you can find is their gardening gloves. While the exact style shown above isn’t available, you can often find similar gardening gloves for a great price. From leather to polyester, Costco’s gloves are extremely durable. 

Customers rave about the comfortability and cleanliness gardening gloves provide. If you’re in the market for some new gloves this season, definitely check your local Costco for a pack.

7. Steel Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis, Mamapapapuppa via reddit 
Mamapapapuppa via Reddit

Garden trellises are ideal for keeping plants from growing crazy, and Costco has your back. These steel trellises are durable and beautiful, perfect for your garden to aid your plants in growing in a certain direction. 

The bird and leaf design will fit any aesthetic for your garden, and with almost 6 feet in height, you can let your plants flourish in peace. Customers love the price of these trellises as well as their design, so we think you will too. 

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6. Miracle-Gro Raised Bed and In-Ground Soil with Compost

MiracleGro, Dasie531 via reddit 
Dasie531 via Reddit

Miracle-Gro is a leading name in plant food, which makes this soil one of the top Costco gardening products. While Costco has several types of soil that you can purchase, the Miracle-Gro soil with compost is the favorite amongst shoppers

It comes in a 50-quart bag and can be used for vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees, and shrubs. The soil is OMRI-listed, uses compost that is made with organic ingredients, and helps water drainage. 

5. Theo Resin Planters 2-Pack

Resin Planters, Costco

For some starting a garden, you might need somewhere to put all your gorgeous plants and flowers. Costco has an abundance of planters available, with a favorite being these resin planters by Trendspot

A 2-pack is $42.99 and comes in either teal, blue, or white. They’re lightweight resin planters and are hand-decorated. They have knockout drainage holes with a ceramic finish. They come in large sizes to accommodate all beautiful arrangements. 

4. Yardistry Greenhouses

Yardistry Greenhouse, Costco

Costco doesn’t just have gardening supplies for sale, but whole greenhouses to help your gardening game get even more efficient. Yardistry is responsible for creating some of the most adorable, durable, and easy-to-assemble greenhouses available at Costco right now. While it’s a splurge, these greenhouses come in three different sizes, so you can turn your backyard into a productive garden. 

Each greenhouse comes with great insulation thanks to the double walls and windows and has wall vents in the base as well as in the roof. The biggest size is 7 feet by 6 feet, and the smallest is 3 feet by 3 feet. The price ranges between $1,499.99 and $599.99, respectively. It might not be right for everyone, but if you grow a lot in your garden, consider this easy access to a greenhouse. 

3. Vita Keyhole Composting Garden

Composting Garden, Costco97

Getting into the habit of composting is the perfect way to reduce your waste a little bit each day. The process simply requires organic materials, like food scraps or leaves in your yard, and you recycle them to produce soil. And this 6-foot by 6-foot bed lets you compost household waste and grow vegetables in the same garden. 

This sustainable gardening style helps reduce household waste by up to 30% and reduces the need for watering.  

2. Vita Vinyl Garden with Planting Grid

Costco Garden, Costco97

Ready for the perfect garden set up in your backyard? Look no further at Vita’s garden pack with already-made planting grids. This deal comes with two gardens that are 48 inches long, 48 inches wide, and 11 inches high. 

The grid is formatted to maximize the space of the gardening bed and allows you to connect multiple gardens together to create your own unique layout. The bed is made of 16 squares which helps yield little weeding, fast growth time, and use less water and fertilizer. Customers praise this garden set for its easy setup and unique layout. 

1. CedarCraft Self-Watering Elevated Planter

Self-watering, Costco, stir-Crazy113 via Reddit
stir-Crazy113 via Reddit

Our top Costco gardening product is by far the CedarCraft self-watering elevated planter. This planter has customers everywhere heading to their local Costco for its unique design, modern look, and durable build. The elevated planter can look good on your porch, in the garden, or even in your greenhouse. 

It helps save time and water with a 6-gallon self-watering irrigation system which provides healthier and more productive plants. It’s rustproof and available in various colors like brown, gray, or tan. 

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What are your top Costco gardening products? Have you tried any of the above? Let us know in the comments your thoughts so we can expand our list! 

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