Shoppers everywhere are starting to utilize grocery delivery and pick-up services; it helps us get out of the crowded aisles and spend more time at home. Like many stores, Costco has a same-day and 2-day delivery program for busy households in need of a solution. 

Costco’s 2-day delivery allows you to stock up on non-perishables and households items without the stress of racing through the warehouse. It not only saves you time and energy, but gas money as well. Let’s break down everything you need to know about the Costco 2-day delivery service to get you started on your first order.

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What is Costco’s 2-Day Delivery?

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Instead of going shopping yourself, Costco 2-day delivery lets you purchase non-perishable groceries and household items online. The items are delivered to your front door at a scheduled time (you don’t even have to be present) so you can easily check off your errands without needing to leave your home. 

While the delivery service does have a delivery fee for orders under $75 along with upcharged items (meaning you will likely purchase the items for cheaper when shopping at the warehouse), the amount of time you save makes it worthwhile. Costco’s upcharge covers the cost of shopping, packing, and delivering your items. For busy families, you might not even notice the charge. 

Is It Available for Non-Members?

Simply put: no. Non-members who want to order Costco groceries must go through Instacart or Shipt, which will be a higher charge. If you’re a frequent bulk shopper and love to have items delivered, it may be worthwhile to grab a Costco membership. 

Which Groceries Are Available for 2-Day Delivery?

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While all grocery items (including perishables) are available on same-day delivery, you’ll be paying more for the services through Instacart. On the other hand, over 1200 non-perishable items and household essentials are available using Costco 2-day delivery. Neither service includes food court items, as they have to be purchased in-store. 

If you’re ordering flowers, the 2-day shipping is available for members, while non-members have to wait 3-5 days. Although there are thousands of great choices, other key items that are eligible for Costco 2-day delivery include: 

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Is Costco’s Business Center Included? 

For business delivery, you can have items delivered as early as the next business day if you order before 3 pm Monday through Friday for the following day. 

However, their delivery service is completely different than Costco’s 2-day and same-day delivery. Since they’re larger orders and are not delivered to residential addresses, you have to schedule a delivery time, which varies between 1-5 business days. 

Is Delivery Free? 

This depends. There is no minimum dollar amount to make an order through the Costco 2-day delivery service. 

If your delivery is worth $75 or more, then you’re delivery cost is free. For deliveries that are below $75, then you will have a separate delivery fee (all dependent on your store location). 

How to Use Costco’s 2-Day Delivery?

Join the other Costco shoppers with 2-day delivery by heading to or their app. From there, you’ll log in using your membership number. 

Enter your ZIP code if you haven’t already to choose a store near you, and then shop from the available items listed. If you want to purchase perishable items, it’ll switch to shopping by Instacart for same-day delivery. Otherwise, all else will be delivered in 2 days. Hurrah!

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