Costco is our favorite wholesaler for many reasons. From bargain items, gas, travel, and other perks, you cannot go wrong when signing up for a membership. The only problem? Costco is often packed with other shoppers who are also looking for sales. We can help you plan your trip based on the best time to shop at Costco; use our guidance to avoid the lines on your next shopping trip. 

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These Are the Best Times to Shop at Costco

Sporting Events

Though college towns or sporty cities can be full of rowdy people, there are benefits to living in these high-density areas. During a game, people are either at the stadium or in front of their television, so this could be the perfect time to stop into Costco. One member says they go “When the Cowboys are on TV and the place is a ghost town.” It might not work every time, but if you can skip the event or record it for later, this is worth a try.

Rainy Days

Rainy days are some of the best days to stay inside, but they might also be useful for smaller lines. True story: we visited the Memphis Costco during a torrential downpour and when we made it inside, the store was nearly empty. If you don’t mind getting wet walking to and from the warehouse, try shopping during a rainstorm. 


Getting up early and heading to the store may not sound appealing, but it’s a great time to shop at Costco. Usually, this is when early-bird shoppers and Instacart shoppers are in the aisles, but there are not as many as rush hour. Mornings are also advantageous because Costco workers restocked the shelves and put out the freshest products for the day.

Closing Time

Some shoppers like to wait until later in the day, and the best time to hit the Costco aisles is around thirty minutes to an hour before closing. One customer says it’s a “ghost town,” but you may have fewer choices as the store is picked over. Since store hours are final, this option is also geared towards people who know what they need in a time crunch, rather than the shoppers who like to take their time. 

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What About the Best Days to Shop at Costco?

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Thankfully, there are options when it comes to the best days to shop at Costco. Most Costco staff agree that Tuesday through Thursday are the best days to go shopping, but Mondays and Fridays are also preferable to Saturdays and Sundays. Depending on your store location, these are likely quieter times to visit the warehouse.

What Is the Worst Time to Shop at Costco?

Most of us can agree that shopping during the weekend can be extremely stressful, and this is very true for Costco warehouses. Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest times at Costco, especially midday, because most people have off of work on the weekends, which allows for time to check errands off the list. Plus, after Church services, many people head to Costco to pick up food for the whole family.

You will also want to avoid shopping right after school, as some Costco customers claim that weekdays between 2:30 and 4 pm can be quite busy

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Finding Your Best Time

Shopping trips shouldn’t have to be stressful. Finding the right time to visit Costco is a great way to alleviate some of the stress and get all the items you need for your family. You can use the tips listed above, but of course, the best times will depend on your warehouse’s location. By combining these two, you should be able to skip those pesky lines and get all the bargain items you desire. 

Keep an eye out to see if you notice any patterns of your own in-store and be sure to comment below to share with other shoppers!