Are you coming up on the end of your Costco membership? Don’t let those future savings go when it expires! Take advantage of those deals and bulk goods by renewing your membership for another year. Thankfully, Costco membership renewal can be done in 4 easy steps. 

You can even set up auto-renewals so you never have to worry about when your membership will expire. Here’s everything you need to know about Costco membership renewal. 

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How to Renew Membership

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Renewing your membership is simple. To do so in person, head to your local Costco and renew during checkout. Or head to Costco’s help desk, give the employees your name and membership ID, and ask for their help renewing your membership. 

If you prefer to renew online, head to and log in. After, head to your account and go to Renew Membership. From there you’ll follow the steps to renew your membership. 

Can You Set Up Auto-Renewal?

Hate worrying about when your membership will expire? Costco membership renewal can be stress-free by setting up auto-renewal. When you set this up, your card will be billed on the first day of the month that your membership expires. 

For example, if your membership ends in July of this year, you’ll be charged July 1st. If you do not have auto-renewal selected, your membership will expire on the last day of July, the 31st.

Set up auto-renewal by heading to your account online, going to Renew Membership, and adding a card. 

If your membership was auto-renewed but you wanted to cancel it instead, you can fill out this form online or go in person to receive a refund for that payment. You’ll receive the refund within 5-7 business days. 

Can You Change Memberships When Renewing?

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Yes! Have you found yourself using Costco’s extra perks like their pharmacy or eye center more often this year? Or maybe you’re just shopping at Costco more than you used to and want to get paid to do so. Upgrade to the Executive Membership for additional perks and savings. 

You can change your membership type when renewing your membership. Head to your account on and find Renew Membership. There will be an option to select if you want a different type of membership, whether you downgrade or upgrade. 

If your membership auto-renewed and was billed before you could change the type, don’t worry. Head over to your account and click Account Details. Once there, you can edit your membership and information. If you downgrade, you can get a refund for the difference of memberships.

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When Should You Renew Your Membership?

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If you want to keep your membership active, you have 90 days before the expiration date to set up the renewal. After the 90-day window, you’ll have to reactivate your membership either online or in person using the same steps as if renewing your membership. 

Even after a long hiatus from Costco, you can reactive your membership with ease. Simply repurchase your preferred membership to receive a new expiration date. If you have your old Costco membership card, you can use that one. If not, they’ll give you a brand-new one. 

How to Find Your Membership Expiration Date

Plan out your next Costco membership renewal by finding out your expiration date. Ask the customer service desk if you need some extra help. Once you give them your name and membership ID, they can find your account fast and let you know when it’s coming up.

Otherwise, you can check online by looking at your account details or heading to the renewal tab to see when your payment is due. Some membership cards even have the date printed that shows the expiration date. 

And lastly, you might get a renewal notice in the mail. The renewal month is located in the Billing Summary Information section. 

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