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Costco Gas - Now at Danville, CA store!

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So excited to announce the new Costco gas station in Danville (OK, actually it's across the street from the Danville store which is technically San Ramon)!  The first day it opened, gas was just $4.19 for regular and $4.45 for Premium. Ah, the good ol' days!  In the 3 weeks since it opened gas prices have soared a dollar higher - but that's not Costco's fault. They are still the cheapest gas around. 

The only thing that bums me out is that traffic around the area with the new 4-way stop in front of the store kinda sucks. People don't know how to handle the new controlled intersection. It looks like they're preparing to install traffic lights, which should help alleviate the driver confusion - but sucks for getting through that area quickly.

How many of you go out of your way to get Costco gas? We used to go all the way to Livermore to get our Costco gas, but this new Danville/San Ramon station is so much closer.


Let's talk about Costco gas. Any reservations about it? Love it? 


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