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Wishlist -- Tide Tiles (laundry sheet detergent)

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I just read a recent article that P&G is launching a new detergent-sheet Tide product called Tide Tiles. Now (or very soon) available in Canada, but then the US show have it in early Fall.

This is the kind of product that I would expect that Costco will negotiate with the manufacturer to sell at a great price to Costco members?

And, if Costco members flock to buy it, maybe that would help get the concept of detergent sheets (packaged in paper boxes) to be more mainstream...

Less plastic bottle packaging...every bit helps!

Would y'all consider switching from liquid, powder or pods if Costco sold this, and if the price for the sheets/tiles detergent was somewhat comparable? (The sheets will probably still be a bit more expensive, but even if it was, say, 25% higher, I would love to eliminate the plastic waste.)