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We've just launched our NEW community forum!

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Yes, you're looking at it right now! We're pretty darn excited to launch this new feature after we noticed a lot of our visitors were looking to buy certain items they were having a hard time finding (like Harmonics and Mohawk  laminate flooring!) or wanted to publicly lament the fact that Costco stopped selling its KS Organic Green Juice.

Of course there are plenty of other things to talk about... 

  • Why don't you tell us about your favorite recipe using Costco products/ingredients?
  • How about a short review about the latest Costco purchase you loved/hated?
  • Maybe you bought way too much flooring or a few too many light fixtures and you want to sell them
  • Do you have any inside tips on how to save at Costco? Let us know!

Please don't be shy about posting a new topic or adding your two cents (97 cents?!) to an existing discussion.

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