Easter is early this year, which means we’re already preparing for the holiday. Whether you have family coming over, or you’re heading away to see them, Costco has you covered on the perfect items for gifts or decoration. 

From gift baskets to dresses, these are the best Costco Easter items to purchase this week to prepare for the upcoming holiday. 

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6. Decorative Easter Plates 

Best Costco Easter Items

Plate up your holiday meal with these adorable 8” Easter plates by Mr. Cottontail. There are two plates for each design, making it a total of eight plates. These ceramic, vintage design plates have a scalloped diameter to create some elegance that’s perfect for Easter brunch or dinner. 

For easy use, they are both microwave and dishwasher-safe. For only $34.99 online, these are the perfect addition to your dining room table to celebrate Easter with family and friends. While these plates can be found online, keep an eye out for in-store Easter deals that are special to your local Costco.  

5. Easter Squishmallows


Need a cute idea to add to Easter baskets this year? Squishmallows are some of the best Costco Easter items for the kiddos or friends. 

Costco carries a variety of large 24″ Squishmallows, but a more affordable option is their 8-pack of 5″ Easter Squishamllows. This pack is only $21.99 in-store and includes festive animals like a lamb, cat, chick, frog, butterfly, and more. 

Some in-store Easter deals have Squishmallow baskets, which come at a higher price of $50. These baskets include a large Squishmallow and an assortment of delicious candy, like Cadbury Eggs, Nerd, Gummy Worms, and more.  

4. Spring Clothes


Jona Michelle’s spring dresses are the perfect gift for kids ages 2-10 this Easter weekend for only $15 in-store or $19.99 online. It’s frilly and sparkly, the perfect outfit to bring in spring. It comes in pink and white, blue and pink, white with blue flowers, and white with colorful flower accents, so your child can pick their favorite and dress up.

For the kids that want to look extra dapper, Kenneth Cole has a 4-piece suit set that is bright and comfy for only $24 in-store. Your kiddos have a choice between a black suit with a white shirt and blue bowtie, a grey suit with a white shirt and purple tie, or a tan suit with a blue shirt and blue tie. 

Both special occasion outfits are perfect for the Easter holiday or spring celebrations — but still affordable so you don’t have to stress about your kids only wearing it a few times this season. 

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3. Easter Candy

Costco Easter candy

Don’t go to someone’s house empty-handed. Candy has to be one of the best Costco Easter items to celebrate with kids and adults alike. Plus, some of Costco’s candy offerings come pre-packaged as gifts like gift box sets or even Easter baskets.

In-store, Costco has pre-made Easter baskets that come with chocolates and candy. These are only $19.99, but may vary by store location. Their chocolate selection is also incredibly affordable if you’re making your own gift basket, with two Lindt Gold bunnies costing $12.99, and a 65-piece Reese’s Eggs being $11.99. 

If you want to splurge for the holiday, online shoppers can get ahold of this Easter Sugarfina Bento Box filled with a variety of candy for $54.99. Also available are these Easter-decorated chocolate-covered strawberries. While both Costco online and in-person stores offer candy, be sure to keep an eye out at your local Costco for special Easter treats that may be on sale this week. 

2. Mini Waffle Maker with Removeable Plates


One of the best Costco Easter items that you can grab is this mini waffle maker that comes with removable plates in various shapes. Instead of boring waffles, you can create precious memories with Easter and spring-themed breakfasts. From bunnies to sunflowers, you can make Easter morning extra special. The kids will love it, and let’s face it — so will you! 

Costco has these for sale for only $23.99 online, a great value for all nonstick removable plates. It’s super easy to clean, and the plates are even dishwasher safe, so you can get creative with all of them while keeping it stress-free. 

1. Easter Flower Bouquets

Best Costco Easter Items

Easter is all about pastels and flowers. Costco has an abundance of beautiful bouquets that can make the perfect gift for loved ones or a special centerpiece. They have colorful flowers perfect to give your home a pop of color like these tulips for only $12.99. The in-store premade flower section has arrangements for only $16.99 and is as vibrant as the holiday-themed arrangements but at an affordable rate. 

If you want to spend extra on Easter-themed bouquets or centerpieces, Costco has some extravagant options online like the Easter Egg Stravaganza Arrangement or the Enchanted Garden Arrangement for $59.99. However, your local Costco will no doubt have additional flower arrangements in-store. These tend to go on sale for holidays, so keep an eye out for your next affordable bouquet.

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Is there a go-to Easter item that you always get at Costco? Let us know in the comments so we can expand our list! 

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