As a Costco lover, you probably dream of visiting the biggest Costco in the world and wish it was in your backyard. After all, when it comes to wholesale shopping, bigger stores mean more bargains. Thankfully there are larger Costco stores in the world. In fact, the biggest Costco in the world is located right in the United States. Taking up 235,000 square feet of space, this Costco location can provide you with thousands of items to choose from. Make sure to add this Costco warehouse to your shopping bucket list. 

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Where is the Biggest Costco in the World?

The biggest Costco in the world resides in Utah, along with thirteen other Costcos in the state. The Salt Lake City store spreads across 235,000 square feet and has three refrigerated sections that measure 3,000 square feet each. They have a huge selection of items and can be a one-stop shop for many customers, including clothing, electronics, food, and other necessities. Since the store is so big, some employees will walk up to ten miles per day. 

Average Size of a Costco Warehouse

An average Costco warehouse takes up around 148,000 square feet. This means that the biggest Costco in the world is 87,000 square feet larger than most Costco warehouses. The size difference is even bigger compared to the smallest Costco warehouse in Juneau, Alaska, which takes up only 76,696 square feet. 

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A New Contender for Biggest Costco in the World

what is the biggest Costco is the world
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In the coming years, there may be a new contender for the biggest Costco in the world. Still in the United States, the new super-warehouse will be in Fresno, California. Though still in the planning stage, the Fresno Costco would be a 241,000-square-foot warehouse, which is the size of four football fields. 

Alongside the warehouse will be a thirty-two-pump gas station and a carwash to serve all Costco members. Not all Costco fans are on board, though, with some Fresno residents unhappy about a huge Costco coming to their town. One Costco customer pointed out that it could become a traffic and safety nightmare, especially for kids who walk to and from school. 

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Whatever Costco you decide to shop at, there will always be plenty of options and sales to take advantage of. But if you happen to be in Utah and want to be surrounded by Costco shelves, make sure to stop at the biggest Costco in the world in Salt Lake City.