Electric bikes are the perfect choice for quick commutes to work or local errands. They’re sleek, fast, and can climb hills with ease. While it requires less physical effort than normal bikes, it’s still a great workout to improve your health. 

Whether you’re looking for an e-bike for convenience in getting around town, or want to take it with you on trails around parks, these are the best Costco electric bikes that you can grab today.

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Perks of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have crept up in popularity thanks to their compact style, yet speedy travel. 

There are several reasons why you might want to opt for an electric bike: They offer assistance with hilly routes,  allow you to bike for longer distances, and reducing gas omissions. Plus, they can provide a healthy form of physical activity

Key Features When Choosing an E-Bike

Most e-bikes have the same features, but some set apart the best Costco electric bikes including an assist system, tires, and motor power. 

An e-bike’s motor assistance comes either in the throttle, peddle assist, or both. The throttle is easier to use since it provides on-demand power just by twisting the throttle. Peddle assistant can be trickier, as you’ll need to pedal, however, the motor will give you a boost. 

Tires are another thing to consider when picking out an e-bike. One of the most popular styles is known as the fat tire, which means the bike tires are far wider than average (between three to four inches). These increase your stability on difficult terrain like snow or sand, so you can navigate any route. However, with a wider tire, that means you’ll use a little power. Consider these pros and cons when selecting your ideal tire size.

Motor power, just like any motor vehicle, influences the bike’s ability to climb up hills and accelerate. At Costco, the motor power can range anywhere from 350 watts to 1150.  The best fit for your electric bike depends on what you’re using your bike for. For simple commutes to the office, you don’t need a huge amount of power. Alternatively, when riding trails or long distances in weathered terrain, it’s best to have a high-powered bike.  

5 Best Costco Electric Bikes 

5. Jupiter Bikes

Costco Electric Bike

While not available at Costco’s warehouses or online stores, Costco members can access Jupiter e-bikes through Costco Next. This service allows you to purchase items straight from Costco’s providers for more products to fit your needs. They have several e-bikes that you can choose from and the prices range from $900 to $1,900. 

The Defiant, featured in the above photo, has a peak of 1130 watts and instant torque to get over hills quickly. The tires are made to withstand all terrain for explorers to grip sand, snow, and more. The bike has a range of over 40 miles with five speeds, LED headlights, and even a rear carriage. Overall, Jupiters are the Costco electric bikes to grab off of the Costco Next service. You can expect to pay $1,499 for this selection.  

4. Jetson Warren All-Terrain Electric Bike


First up among the Jetson brand of e-bikes is the Warren All-Terrain. While a bit heftier than the Haze, it comes with additional features: seven speeds, six-hour battery life, a 750-watt motor, front suspension, and even LED headlights. The all-terrain make means this a great choice for trails. 

At full throttle, this e-bike can reach up to 20 miles per hour. Similar to the other Jetson bikes, it’s foldable to help you store your bike with ease. And for only $1,999, it’s a great middle-of-the-road option for those who are looking for the best Costco electric bikes. 

3. Jetson Haze Electric Bike

Costco Electric Bike

Jetson’s Haze bike is a great affordable option, sitting at $550. With 16-inch tires, a 350-watt motor, and three-pedal assistant modes, it’s perfect for getting around town. It comes with a removable battery that has a five-hour charge on it for lengthy rides around town. 

And for those who enjoy commuting to work but hate lugging it around, it has a double folding compact frame so it can fit in small spaces. Customers love the torque in this ride so you can peddle up hills with ease. If you’re new to e-bikes, this is one of the best options for beginners. 

2. Priority Current E-Bike


Priority Current is one of the best Costco electric bikes for those seeking luxury. This e-bike is low maintenance and its chains last two times longer than traditional chains thanks to the rust and grease-free design. The bike also rides smoothly with a comfortable saddle seat, easy-to-read shifters, and five distinct gears for assistance. 

Not only that, but it also has strong stopping power thanks to the hydraulic brakes. The motor power is 500 watts and comes with a battery that charges on and off the e-bike. Customers rave about the speed, easy use, and reliability of this model. If $2,700 falls within your budget, you can bring home this Costco electric bike today.

1. Jetson Bolt Pro Folding Electric Bike

Costco Electric Bike

One of the most purchased and highly-reviewed Costco electric bikes is the Jetson Bolt Pro. It’s compact, fast, lightweight, and durable —perfect for experts and newbies alike. 

The price point for this bike is the most affordable as compared to the rest, sitting at $350. And yet, it still comes equipped with great features like the 350-watt motor, 14-inch tires, and dual disc brakes. The top speed is 15 miles per hour and offers a 30-mile range assistance or a 15-mile range of throttle. Thanks to its foldable build, you can bring your compact e-bike to work or school. With the most positive reviews online, especially on social media, we had to rank this as the number one. Plus, you can beat the price for such a durable bike. 

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Have you picked up any of the Costco electric bikes? What are your thoughts on their quality? Let us know below which is your favorite. And don’t forget to check out Costco97 for more great finds and secrets to save, like the hidden .97 deals