Just when you thought Costco couldn’t get any better, Costco Next is a hack that helps you save even more on high-quality items. It’s not heavily advertised but is made for customers to use Costco’s best resources.

But what is Costco Next? The retailer has always made it their mission to help you get exactly what you need. Costco Next lets you purchase items straight from Costco’s suppliers, from beauty brands to home goods. Here is everything you need to know about the website. 

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What is Costco Next?

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Costco Next is a shopping portal that allows you to buy items from certain brands at a low price negotiated by Costco. The shopping site has been around since 2017, but not everyone has heard of it. 

It’s not the same as ordering from Costco.com or Costco Direct, as you’re purchasing from Costco’s suppliers directly. These products are provided by Costco’s trusted suppliers so you’ll get the best quality merchandise with exceptional customer service. 

How Does Costco Next Work?

Once you go to Costco Next’s website, you need to log in using your name and Membership number. From there, you can scroll through the dozens of available brands. Costco Next is filled with great name-brand suppliers, and once you find the one you want to purchase from, you can make an order through the site. 

Think of going through Costco Next as using a Costco-exclusive promo code, which will give discounts on the items you’re purchasing from the suppliers. These suppliers will ultimately handle the shipping, customer service, and returns. That being said, the retailer’s amazing return policy will not be the same when using Costco Next; You’ll have to follow all of the specific brand’s return policies. 

Can You Shop Costco Next Without a Membership?

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To log into Costco Next, you do need a membership number, which means you’ll need to have one of the three memberships. 

Benefits for Members

So what sort of benefits can members expect when using Costco Next? Members get access to non-store items at discounted prices, home installation services, and special supplier discounts. 

All you need to do in return is allow membership information and permission to share advertising and membership details with third-party suppliers.  

What Products Are Found on Costco Next? 

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Enough about how great the site is, let’s check out some of the brands that you can find. These are just a few examples based on category. Check their website for a full list of all the suppliers that you can purchase from. 


  • Kurious is a Korean beauty brand that carries hair and skin care. 
  • PMD has tools for men and women for the ultimate skincare routine.  


  • Barco through Costco Next can help you save on scrubs. 
  • SexyModest features comfy and cute women’s clothing. 


  • Anker covers all your electronic needs, from speakers to power stations. 


  • IQBar provides brain and body nutrition throughout the day. 

Home and Kitchen

  • Built has accessories like bags and water bottles that are made to last.
  • Viking carries everything you need for the kitchen, from cookware to cutlery. 

Home Improvement

  • Artika has exceptional, stylish, and affordable lighting. 
  • Yardistry provides the perfect gazebos and pavilions with accessories. 


  • Sassy Woof carries the best products for your pets like leashes and collars. 


  • Body Glove is all about life on the water, from paddle boards to floating mats. 
  • Gorilla builds swingsets for your family.

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Can You Save with Costco Next? 

Absolutely. Depending on the brand that you’re shopping from and the item, you can expect savings of about 25-50%. If you come across an item that has a limited-time “Hot Buy” offer, you can stack on even more savings. 

Customers have said that they’ve saved on phone cases, with a normal phone case priced at $60 but can be found for only $17.49 through Costco Next.

Are There Any Downsides? 

As mentioned, Costco Next does not fall under Costco’s refund policy. If you want to return an item, you have to check out the specific brand’s return policy. Costco Next purchases are also not qualified for the Executive membership benefits and are not included in the 2% cash back rewards, which gives you money back when you spend at the wholesaler. Additionally, Shop Cards aren’t a valid form of payment when using Costco Next since you’re purchasing directly from other brands. 

Costco Next has several amazing qualities, but for some members, this may be a downside when choosing the shopping site. 

Is Costco Next Worth It? 

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Yes. Costco Next gives members an extra place to shop for those high-quality products that you might not find in-store. Costco gives customers the tools to find exactly what they need, even if it means shopping from their direct supplier. 

And thanks to Costco Next, you can get the added discounts, especially when looking for brand-specific items. If you’re someone who likes to shop and find bargains, this is worth checking out. 

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Have you used Costco Next? Let us know what your thoughts on this hidden feature are, and some of your favorite suppliers you shop from. Keep checking back at Costco97 to stay informed on the latest discounts, deals, and savings.