Shopping at Costco is usually a fun experience, but when your favorite item is out of stock, it can bring down the mood. After this happens, you might want to learn how to check Costco inventory before shopping and make sure your items are available at that time. If you’re not sure how to check inventory at your local warehouse, try one of these tips the next time you’re heading to the wholesaler

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How to Check Costco Inventory – Your Options


If you’re already in-store, head over to the membership counter. They can help you locate an item and check if it’s still in stock. If possible, try to have the item number or product description so they can more easily find the product in their system.


While there are a lot of perks on the Costco app, they do not provide real-time inventory data. This means you have to call your local store to check Costco’s inventory. This can help speed up your shopping process if you know certain items aren’t in stock. All you need to do is call your local warehouse and speak to an employee at the store. 

Contact Us 

One of the most frequent ways customers check Costco inventory is by using the “Contact Us” function on Clicking this button will allow you to text a representative from the warehouse and they can then locate your store and let you know the availability of any item. This is a super convenient option for shoppers who would prefer to avoid waiting on the phone.

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Tips for Checking Costco Inventory

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You can use a couple of strategies to speed up the process of checking Costco’s inventory. When contacting anyone from the warehouse, have the item number and description ready. This helps the employee to find your item faster. 

Occasionally, (powered by Instacart) will have inventory numbers available as you select items for delivery. However, this information can be off depending on who has items in their cart. This also only applies to items sold online.

Sometimes you can use social media to help, too; Customers will occasionally post when items go out of stock (especially on Reddit and Twitter). Sale items may be trickier to track, as in-store prices will vary based on your Costco location. At Costco97, you can get ahead on all the deals by location while supplies last, and capitalize on your Costco membership. 

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Shopping at Costco should never be stressful. Even when they run out of your favorites, Costco does its best to keep customers happy and supply top-rated products. Be sure to use some of these tips on how to check Costco inventory so that you can plan your shopping trips ahead of time and never miss a must-have product.