Costco warehouses are not just for budding families or bargain shoppers; seniors can get lots of benefits, too. If you are looking for a place to shop for quality bargain items as a senior, then keep reading to learn about a Costco membership for seniors and additional perks. 

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The Price of a Costco Membership for Seniors 

Currently, there is no discount for seniors wanting to get a Costco membership. All membership prices are the same, no matter what age you are. These memberships include the Gold ($60), Executive ($120), and Business ($60) memberships, with various perks you can check out here. No matter what membership you choose, there are plenty of benefits for seniors. 

In-store items are also priced the same for younger adults and adults of all ages. The same sales are applicable to all parties. 

Perks of a Costco Membership for Seniors

Costco membership for seniors
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Even though there isn’t an immediate discount for seniors, there are still several perks that make a Costco membership for seniors worth it. 


Every Costco warehouse contains a pharmacy, where you can get several of your prescriptions for lower prices. This can save a lot of money over time, and make it easier to pick up your medication at the same time you shop for groceries or household items. There are also options to get your prescriptions mailed to your house, eliminating having to make a trip to Costco at all. This is an excellent option for seniors who may not have access to a vehicle or want to cut down on their errand trips. 

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If you require eyeglasses, contact lenses, or sunglasses, Costco has got you covered. In addition to their competitive prices for all eyewear, they have an optical department in store that can provide eye tests. No need to worry, Costco provides quality eye care and products at every store. 


As we get older, we can become deficient in vitamins or minerals important to our health. Thankfully, Costco has a large selection of both supplements and vitamins, many of which are often on sale. After you receive a doctor’s approval, make sure to grab your supplements while shopping at Costco. 

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Hearing Checks and Aids

Included in your Costco membership are hearing services like hearing aid check-ups and cleanings. These can eliminate costly doctor visits, or lower your spending on batteries by investing in Kirkland Signature’s batteries instead. 

Bargain Name Brand Items

The universal advantage of shopping at Costco is the deals you can get on everyday grocery items. Whether that is due to sales or bulk items, you can get all the name-brand items you want for a lower price. Take advantage of Costco’s in-house brand Kirkland Signature, which provides you with quality and quantity every time. Plus, these Costco quantities are so large that they tend to last longer than products at other grocery stores. This can cut down on your shopping trips and keep your cupboard stocked. 

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Costco memberships for seniors may not be cheaper, but there are still a ton of benefits for shopping at our favorite warehouse. From grocery items to eyeglasses and prescriptions, Costco can become your one-stop warehouse to make shopping easy.