Discount shopping is essential, especially if you are a teacher and responsible for supplying classroom necessities. Not all stores carry a teacher discount, which makes us wonder if there is a Costco teacher discount available to shoppers. From pens and paper to folders and class snacks, there are a lot of items to buy before starting school in September. Luckily for us, Costco carries plenty of school supplies for new or seasoned teachers. 

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Memberships for Teachers

Costco memberships for teachers and nonteachers are the same, but there is an additional perk to signing up for a Costco membership if you are a teacher. When teachers join as new members, they can receive a Costco Shop Card to start their shopping journey. 

New Executive members will receive a $40 Shop Card, while a new Gold Star member will receive a $20 Shop Card. This is Costco’s way of giving back to teachers even though they cannot discount a yearly membership.

School Supplies at Costco

Costco Back to school bundle / Costco teacher discount

Most stores sell small packages of school supplies, meaning you have to pay more to provide for your students. Costco changes this by selling bulk items of needed supplies, even having Back to School Bundles that can kickstart your teaching year. 

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Back-to-School Sales

Costco will usually run a back-to-school sale in their warehouses from mid to late August to prep for the September start of most schools. Some food items on sale include granola bars, breakfast foods, or lunch box stuffers like fruit snacks. They will also carry sales on supply items like backpacks, three-subject notebooks, water bottles, pencils, and Sharpies. 

Other Costco Membership Perks for Teachers

Costco teacher discount


Almost as important as school supplies is a teacher’s wardrobe. Costco offers several name brands at lower prices than other stores so you can buy more quality clothing for less money. Most Costco warehouses have a large selection of clothing, so you don’t have to run to another store to get those essentials. 


This might be more relevant to elementary school teachers, but even high school teachers know the perks of keeping a snack drawer for students. Costco offers a wide variety of snack foods that come in individual packaging or bulk. It also doesn’t hurt to have some snacks for the teacher too. 

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Cleaning Supplies

Kids can be messy, and when flu season comes around, you’re going to want all the cleaning supplies you can get. Costco has several cleaning supplies, both in their brand Kirkland Signature and popular name brands like Swiffer and Clorox. 


It’s unfortunate, but many schools do not provide funding for books in the classroom, leaving it to the teachers to stock their shelves with new bestsellers and classics. Costco has a large selection of books for all ages, with several series being sold in boxed sets for lower prices than other stores. Get more books for less, and allow your students to read new stories.

Even though there is no Costco teacher discount for memberships, there are still plenty of ways to save money in the warehouse. This could be on school supplies, clothing, or cleaning supplies that will make your life easier at school. So make sure to take advantage of the back-to-school sales in August and have Costco become your one-stop shop.