Paying for groceries can sometimes take forever, especially when you have to dig through your purse to find a credit card. Fortunately, apps like Apple Pay can help with that. With just a click of a button, you can buy all your Costco favorites, leaving the frustration of checking out behind. 

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First Things First: Does Costco Take Apple Pay?

Costco checkout line
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All Costco warehouses accept mobile payments such as Apple Pay (and Google Pay). You can pay with a cashier or through their self-checkout areas, using either your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete the payment process. 

The only times you cannot use Apple Pay through Costco is when filling up at Costco’s gas stations or purchasing online items on You can use your credit or debit card for these transactions instead. 

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How to Use Apple Pay at Costco

Using Apple Pay at Costco is quick and easy, just make sure to follow these steps and you’ll breeze through the checkout line. 

  1. Have your iPhone or Apple Watch nearby at checkout.
  2. Let the cashier know your payment type, or select on the register (sometimes this can just fall under the “Credit Card” category).
  3. Open Apple Pay with the card you want to use.
  4. Position your device near the card reader.
  5. When prompted, remove your device and complete the checkout process.

Apple Pay at Costco Pharmacy

You can use Apple Pay to purchase any medication or prescriptions at the Costco pharmacy, completing the payment with a cashier. However, when paying for Home Delivery orders through the website, you must use a credit or debit card instead of Apple Pay. 

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Is it Safe to Use Apple Pay at Costco?

does Costco take Apple Pay
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Apple Pay can be a better option than inserting your credit card into the machine. Apple Pay offers added security compared to traditional payment methods, and the app does not keep your card number on your device. Instead, Apple Pay only sends the necessary information to complete the purchase, keeping your information private and safe from hackers.* 

Can You Add Your Costco Card to Apple Wallet?

Unfortunately for frequent Costco shoppers, you cannot add your Costco card to your Apple Wallet. This is due to incompatibility with the app since Costco’s rewards and cards are linked to their store app. Alternatives include using Costco’s app to complete purchases or a physical credit card. There is a way to download the “Pass” app, which allows you to attach the Costco card. However, we don’t necessarily recommend this app because it can be glitchy. 

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Checkout lines at Costco should not be a hassle. Apple Pay can help speed up that process as long as you have an iPhone or Apple Watch. You can make secure purchases with a couple of taps from your phone. This is not only quick and convenient but keeps your information private when paying.

*Disclaimer: Always make sure to read the fine print on the security policies for your credit cards and personal financing, so you’re aware of any risks to your personal information.