We can’t reap the rewards of shopping at Costco without having the correct form of payment. There are many ways to pay for your groceries at Costco and take advantage of their various deals. But does Costco take Discover cards as payment? Check out all the details here.

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First Things First: Does Costco Take Discover?


While shopping at the warehouse, unfortunately, you cannot use a Discover card to pay for your household essentials. This is because Costco partners with Visa so that customers use their credit card exclusively, whether it’s the Costco credit card or another Visa card. This might not work for all customers, but the purpose of the Costco Visa card is to offer tons of rewards to shoppers for their purchases of groceries or gas. 

Customers can get 2% back on grocery purchases and 4% back on gas purchases, along with other cash-back opportunities. They can only provide rewards like this thanks to their deal with Visa. If you’re a Discover card holder and Costco fan, it might be worth opening a Costco Visa credit card of your own. 


Though you used to be able to shop with a Discover card at Costco.com or on the Costco app, as of November 2023, you can no longer use Discover cards online. They rolled out this change and let Costco members know via email: “We are contacting you to inform you of the recent changes to the payment options on Costco.com. Effective November 15, 2023 Costco.com will no longer be accepting Discover cards as payment.” This is the most recent change to its online and in-store payment options. Costco also stopped its partnership with American Express in 2016 after two decades. 

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Which Payment Methods Does Costco Take?

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If you can’t use your Discover card, there are several other payment options available at Costco. In addition to Visa cards, you can pay with cash, food stamps (also known as EBT cards), Costco Shop Cards, or Apple Pay. Online, you can use Visa or Mastercards to complete your purchase. 

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Shopping at Costco with the right credit card in your wallet is a must, so we’ve got you covered. Next time you head to the wholesaler, be prepared to pay with something other than a Discover card. Instead, grab all your Costco favorites by paying with one of the above methods.