A great day of shopping at Costco can turn sour when you realize “I forgot my Costco card!” Not having your membership card can be stressful, but there are several ways to still get all your favorite essentials and snacks. From temporary to online solutions, shopping at your local Costco can still be a breeze. 

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How Do I Shop if I Forgot My Costco Card?

There is no need to worry if you forget your Costco card at home. Costco employees understand that their members can be extremely busy, so they provide ways to shop without your membership card. When arriving, let the employee at the front door know you have forgotten your membership card. Then head over to the membership desk and ask for a temporary membership card. 

The employee will ask for identification to confirm your current membership with the warehouse, and then print out a card for you. There is no limit to how many Costco temporary cards you can get. 

If you have completely lost your Costco card, you can also ask for a new card to be made for you, free of charge. You just need to have a current membership with the wholesaler. 

How Long Does a Temporary Membership Card Last?

Once a temporary card is issued to you it only lasts for one day. Costco employees will usually take the temporary card back once you check out. If you are planning to get gas after shopping, though, the cashier will let you keep the card to fill up your tank. 

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Uses for a Membership Card In-Store

forgot Costco card: Costco Executive Membership card
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There are several uses for your Costco membership card other than using it at checkout. Upon entry, employees check your card to ensure you have a membership with the wholesaler. After shopping, you will also be prompted to show your card to the cashier as nonmembers cannot buy from a Costco (unless you have a Costco Shop Card). 

It is important to note that not every Costco warehouse is the same regarding their entry policies or store security. Some warehouses will check everyone who enters while others wait until checkout. The best way to prepare is by having your card ready when you walk into the warehouse. 

Other Ways to Access Your Membership Card

Thankfully, there are other ways to access your card to shop at Costco. If you carry your phone, a great way to keep your membership with you at all times is by downloading the Costco app. After linking your account to the app, you will be able to access a digital membership card on your phone to pay at the register or use scan & pay at the gas station.

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Forgetting your Costco card at home does not mean you cannot shop at Costco. By utilizing your digital membership card or grabbing a temporary card from the membership desk, you can grab all your favorite Costco items without too much hassle.