As any Costco fan would say, there can’t be too many Costco stores. Thankfully, Costco plans to open up several new stores, both in the United States and internationally. If you’re curious about where is Costco opening new stores and if they are near you, check out our list below. 

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How Many Stores Is Costco Opening in 2024?

According to several different sources, Costco is planning to open 31 new locations in 2024. These locations will include 24 warehouses in the United States and the final seven locations will be based internationally. 

Locations of New Costco Stores in 2024

where is Costco opening new stores
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As of right now, there are seven confirmed locations in the upcoming months of 2024. Opening dates are spread out between March and June as seen below. Six of the seven locations are located in the United States.

  • March 2024 – Natomas, CA 
  • May 2024 – Loomis, CA
  • June 2024 – North Port, FL
  • June 2024 – Mt. Juliet, TN
  • June 2024 – Jiangning, CHN
  • June 2024 – Riverbank, CA
  • June 2024 – Richmond, TX

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When Does Costco Announce New Locations?

Not all 31 new locations have been released to the public yet. This is because Costco announces new location details three months before the warehouse’s opening date. As of right now, we have access to locations opening between March and June but will learn more about the remaining year come summertime.

First Costco Superstore

Along with several new warehouses, Costco might be opening up its first superstore. This project would make Fresno, California’s Costco the world’s largest Costco warehouse in the world. While still in the planning stages, it would overthrow the current biggest location in Utah. 

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New Costco locations are exciting for both new and old members. Being able to enjoy all the perks that Costco has to offer can get any shopper jumping for joy. As Costco continues to spread around the world, hopefully, a location opens up near you. 

Are you waiting for a Costco to open near you? Is one of the upcoming projects in your town? Let us know in the comments below!