With Costco warehouses all over the world, fans flock to their favorite locations, usually closest to them. But there is one store that receives both locals and tourists and has steadily become the busiest Costco in the world. Check out where the most Costco foot traffic is and some other popular locations you may want to check out

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Where Is the Busiest Costco in the World?

The busiest Costco in the world resides on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, also known as the Iwelei Costco. Though there are four other Costco warehouses on the island of Oahu, the Iwelei location brings in more than twice as much in annual revenue than the average Costco location. This is due to a couple of factors, the most important being location

Why Is Iwelei the Busiest Costco?

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Location is the biggest component to Iwelei being the busiest Costco location. Sitting right in the heart of residential and tourist areas, Iwelei is near downtown Honolulu. Costco estimates that one in four people living in Oahu have a Costco membership, and with a population of 950,000, the numbers add up quickly. In addition to all of the tourists visiting the island, the Iwelei location is never empty. 

For locals, Costco warehouses are an affordable option to buy bargain groceries and gas, especially when prices are so high in Hawaii due to import costs. It makes their lives easier, and when out-of-state members come on vacation, it makes sense that they want to shop at their favorite wholesaler. Locals don’t mind the extra traffic in their stores, since the Iwelei location is right next to Best Buy and Home Depot, eliminating trips to other stores. 

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Top Ten Busiest Costco Locations

  1. Honolulu (Iwelei), U.S.
  2. Tokyo Makuhari (Chiba), Japan
  3. Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey), U.S.
  4. Seoul Yangjae-dong (Sapyeong-daero), South Korea
  5. Melbourne Docklands, Australia
  6. Salt Lake City, U.S.
  7. Birmingham, United Kingdom
  8. Burnaby, Canada
  9. Taichung Dajia, Taiwan
  10. Tlalnepantla, Mexico

Most of these stores have increased shoppers due to tourism, with some peaking in sales during ski season or summertime vacations depending on their locations. 

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There are busy Costco locations around the world, but some stand above the rest in popularity and foot traffic. Costco warehouses are a favorite for the deals they offer and their membership perks are hard to beat. If you don’t mind the crowds, check out the busiest Costco in the world in Iwelei, Hawaii.